Lawton Media Services

It’s not just about the tools you have at your disposal—it’s knowing how to get the most out those tools that really matters. I will strategically analyze and evaluate every resource available to make sure you get the most out of every dollar you spend on advertising.


  • Defining the target audience for your business
  • Determining media habits of your target audience
  • Reviewing competitive spending
  • Strategic Media Planning
  • Working with you to determine advertising goals/expectations
  • Analyzing goals, research, target geography, seasonality of your product sales, etc. to determine best media mix within your budget parameters
  • Determining Reach/Frequency—the percentage of your target audience you should expect to reach with the proposed plans, and how many times you can expect potential customers to see your message

Media Buying

Negotiating aggressively to have your ads placed in the best areas possible for the best price.

Media buying capabilities extend to all media:

  • Television (includes direct response & per inquiry)
  • Cable
  • Radio
  • Magazines
  • Newspapers
  • Interactive/Online
  • Out of Home
  • Promotions, Added-Value & Creative Ideas 

Look for ways to extend your budget, including:

  • Bonus spots/Ads/Outdoor boards
  • Inclusion in station promotions
  • Building station promotions around clients
  • Trade schedules
  • On-air giveaways
  • Features on local television programs
  • Promotional mentions
  • No charge radio/TV news billboards
  • Built client events in conjunction with broadcast stations
  • “Good cause” events which result in feature news story
  • Unique non-media ideas that attract attention and press coverage

Campaign Evaluation 

Completely evaluating your campaign, including:

  • Post-buy analysis
  • Cost-per-lead
  • Cost-per-acquisition
  • Sales versus spending comparison
  • Sales versus sales comparison for a pre-determined time period